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What is a Vanity 800 Number?

We all encounter Vanity 1-800 Numbers daily in TV and radio ads. It’s almost becoming rare when companies don’t use them. Did you know that over 90% of the TV commercials shown during super bowls prominently highlight vanity numbers? Why? They work! Sophisticated marketers know that companies lose a significant amount of potential caller responses when they require prospects to remember phone numbers with a series of unrelated random digits. Yes, some of these prospects will still get through, but not nearly as many as when companies utilize a memorable word or phrase in their phone numbers. 
It’s all about “branding.”

The whole purpose of advertising is to create brand awareness and lasting connections with prospects and clients. Ponder this: If you wouldn’t use seven random digits such as www.214-972-4657.com for your Internet domain name, why would you use random digits in your phone number? Vanity toll-free numbers are much more effective. Consumers like them because they’re free to call. Advertisers like them because they generate 14 times more call responses. Vanity numbers convey power, strength, size and superior customer service.  Is it any wonder that all the Fortune 500 companies covet vanity 800 power phone numbers?

The Fortune 500 companies know that advertising takes repetition and frequency…but a lot less when their ads and phone numbers are memorable. They want to make it easier for new prospects as well as clients to remember them, phone them and refer new customers to them. Vanity numbers are the centerpiece of all their marketing…at the very core of their Internet properties as well as marketing collaterals.

Why not level the playing field with these Fortune 500 giants with your own local vanity number? It’s easy and affordable! We’ll show you how to drive traffic and generate much heavier inbound call volumes. You’ll love this: Our vanity numbers have dropped so dramatically in price and ease of use, even the smallest business can’t afford not to license one.
Call us today at 1-888-PRO-MKTG (1-888-776-6584). We’re eager to work with you!


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