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Call Tracking & Call Reporting

Track your calls in real time with an Internet Log-In to your own password protected control panel…and change your “ring-to” target numbers on the fly! You’ll be able to review: Caller’s names, phone numbers, length of calls, and which “ring-to” the calls went to. For just pennies per call, you’ll have the option of getting “reverse lookups” which will instantly give you the addresses of your callers so you can rush them marketing collaterals via overnight mail!

TeleSmart’s® Sophisticated Call Tracking to Manage Advertising Campaigns

TeleSmart® provides additional, custom Call Tracking software that can capture important data from your inbound phone calls. It allows you to easily manage your inbound calls, track the ROI’s of your advertising campaigns, and improve your sales teams' processes ensuring that your prospects and customers are being handled properly. TeleSmart’s available Call Tracking system provides phone call tracking data, including marketing sources, customer names & addresses, and full digital call recordings. Tracking your calls opens new windows into your marketing and sales performance, allowing you to:

  • Know which Ads Worked, Which Ads Tanked, and Which Ads Simply Weren't Sufficiently Profitable.
  • Identify missed calls so you can recapture leads
  • Identify peak calling times so you can adjust staffing

Additional, Custom Call Tracking & Reporting Services

TeleSmart® and its affiliates can provide you with distinct national toll-free or local telephone numbers to insert into each of the ads you wish to track. Inbound calls to these numbers first route through TeleSmart’s highly reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) network and then ring to your own business phone. No additional telephonic equipment is required. From the moment the your phone number is dialed, TeleSmart’s Call Tracking system digitally captures important information about each call and deposits it into databases at its Network Operations Center. The database is accessible by you in real time via a secure Web-based reporting interface…your own “control panel” if you will. Information collected can include:

  • Call volume by lead source.
  • Call result (Answered, ring-no-answer, busy, etc.).
  • Number of rings it took to answer the phone.
  • Time and duration of every call.
  • Caller's phone number.
  • Caller's name and address.

Let’s get started! Call us today to discuss your Call Tracking & Reporting needs: 1-888-PRO-MKTG (1-888-776-6584). Or, simply click here to go to our Contact Us form and we’ll call you back right away. Thanks.

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