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Call Recording

Would you like to record your calls to insure sales proficiency? For a nominal fee, you can have each and every call recorded. You can then go into the privacy of your office, logon to your password-protected control panel, and listen to the calls of your employees and colleagues. You’ll very quickly see if they are correctly presenting your products and programs…and if they are adept at closing. It’s a magnificent training tool!

TeleSmart® Smart Record™ Advanced, Real Time Call Recording
TeleSmart® provides additional, custom Call Recording services. It’s Smart Record™ Real Time Call Recording systems are stable and reliable. Stability and reliability are key factors in non-stop recording environments. Smart Record™ performs on a straightforward, web-based user interface ensuring calls can be replayed quickly and easily fulfilling business requirements where recording is vital for liability, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring purposes.

If you are interested in capturing calls for compliance or liability reduction, full time recording is a good option for your contact center. Many industries choose full time recording for their mission-critical call capture. Full time recording can be done on all lines all of the time, or by schedule on a per port / channel basis.

Custom solutions are available for such common business challenges as Training, Security & Protection and Dispute Resolution. Key features include:

  • Easy To Configure, Easy To Use.
  • Managed From Any Location
  • Scales to Thousands of Users.
  • Proven and Reliable Solution.
  • Multi-Site Recording and Monitoring.
  • Software-Only Makes Installation Easy.
  • Multiple Recording Options:  Full-Time Recording, Triggered Recording, On-Demand Recording.
  • Automated All-Call and Periodic Voice Recording.
  • Automated All-Call and Periodic PC Screen Video Recording.
  • Supervisor initiated Real-Time Audio/Video/Movie Recording.
  • Agent initiated Real-Time Audio/Video/Movie Recording.
  • On-line Employee Evaluation & Analysis.
  • User definable Evaluation Forms.
  • Real-Time Employee / Supervisor Messaging.
  • Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Real-Time Silent Monitoring.
  • Fast Search and Playback.
  • Attach To Email, Link to CRM Records, and Much More.

Let’s get started! Call us today so we can discuss your Call Recording needs: 1-888-PRO-MKTG (1-888-776-6584). Or, simply click here to fill out our short Contact Us form and we’ll call you back right away. Thanks!


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